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Rental hunting in Philadelphia can seem super daunting at first but can also be very exciting. Taking your time to gather all the right ingredients for the perfect spot should be less of a chore and more of an experience. Asking yourself the right questions and immersing yourself in the discovery process can be very rewarding in the end. Here are some tips for smooth sailing into signing a lease you can be proud of. 

1. Familiarize Yourself with Philadelphia Living

This is super important, especially for those new to Philly. It’s a one of a kind city and walking into it blind can be somewhat intimidating. If possible, do as much field research as you can by simply walking around the city. Do some shopping at local businesses, check out the nightlife, etc. See what aspects you gravitate towards and that will help narrow down the neighborhood you’d like to live in.    

2. Consider Your Budget, Then Consider it Again

Signing a year long lease is a heavy commitment, so making sure your financial situation is on par with your rent is a must. Factoring in utilities prior to signing a lease should be a consideration as well. If you’re looking into an apartment building, it’s never a bad idea to chat with some potential neighbors to see what their utilities come out to on average to get an idea. 

3. Convenience is Key

Where is the closest grocery store? Where is the closest gym? What is your commute to work like? Are you comfortable using public transportation daily? Where do you park your car? These are all inherent questions to ask yourself about how your daily routine should coincide with your living situation.

4. Factor in Your Household 

Finding a rental with a full household can be hard. Everyone could be headed in different directions come 8am, Monday to Friday. If you have children, schools should be a priority geographically. If you have a dog, locating the nearest dog park should be on your mind plus getting the scoop on the dog-friendliness of your potential neighborhood. Make sure everyone in your unit will be comfortable in the day to day. 

5. Know Your Surroundings

Philadelphia has dozens of ever-changing neighborhoods and getting to know each and every one of them is nearly impossible, even for folks that have lived here their whole lives. Some neighborhoods overlap. Some have 2-3 names depending on who you’re speaking to. The key to understanding your potential surroundings is simple: Talk to the people in it! For example, if you’re set on finding a rental in Fishtown, stop by a nearby cafe or bar and casually strike up a conversation with a local. You’ll end up with more information than you need.   

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